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Mills welcomes art icons to campus

Ione participates in an artistic parade. (Joann Pak)

One can feel the air of excitement and celebration this semester as Mills College’s Fine Arts Departments are collaborating to celebrate John Cage’s Centennial and Pauline Oliveros’ 80th birthday. Both are pioneers in music and composition, have taught at Mills and inspired a new generation
of artists.

This past weekend was Pauline Oliveros’ 80th and John Cage’s 100th Birthday Celebration with Merce Cunningham’s “Event with Canfield,” where the event came into fruition with the seamless collaboration of the Music, Art, and Dance department.

During Oliveros’ time at Mills this past week, she and her partner, Ione ran workshops for students and also visited Dr. Moira Roth’s History of Performance class on Oct. 4.

Pictured are photos of Oliveros’ and Ione’s lecture and visit to the History of Performance class where students wore costumes to welcome them and performed Dada poems to celebrate and thank Pauline and Ione’s visit at Mills this Fall.