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Miko on the mic

I have an idea. Let’s reinvent the love song. Since Valentine’s
Day is upon us, I say we demand that the music industry supply us
with an accurate, lyrical representation of our love lives in their
current states.

I’ve noticed that love songs exist in two categories. There is
the first category of songs that articulates the state of love when
we are in it. There is also the second category that writes of love
when we’ve just come out of it. Don’t get me wrong; this is great.
People fall in and out of love everyday. However, there are two
problems that exist with the love songs currently on the radio.
First, not everyone’s love life can be categorized so easily.
Second, do the love songs on the radio really even talk about

A love song on the radio says one of two things. Either you are
so in love with someone that you’re ecstatic that you’re having sex
with them or you’re so distraught over the breakup of your last
relationship that you’re upset you’re not having sex with them
anymore. The love song does not exist. The sex song does.

Remember that song, “What the world needs now, is love, sweet
love?” Wrong. What the world needs now is a songwriter who is
willing to admit that they know nothing about love and is instead
overcompensating with sex. However, as music lovers, if this is
what we want, I can accept that. But honestly, do the songs even
exemplify our sex lives? There needs to be love songs that we can
relate to.

Nine times out of ten, does that person I’m interested in not
know my name? Does my milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? Did
my last boyfriend really rock my body? No.

There is a need for love/sex songs that relay more valid
messages. Such examples could include songs for the young college
student with a chorus that is somewhere along the lines of “This is
mostly an experiment so don’t think of you and me as an us beyond
graduation.” Out there somewhere is a young man who could use a
love/sex song that expresses why he can’t truly commit himself to a
great girl, the first line of that song could be “You’re cute and
all but you’re asking me to respect you too much, so this isn’t
gonna work.” And then there’s Valentine’s Day. Right now, there is
some young person out there who is dying to hear that musical note
that says, “It’s either you or watching TV with my grandma.”

Now these ideas are extreme, but that doesn’t mean they’re not
true. Not everyone in the world is in a relationship or just coming
out of one. And not everyone will be out searching for the perfect
gift that gets them some good trim later that evening. What’s wrong
with music today? Songwriters. None exist who live and love in