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Mills College’s hip elite

Carter Steinmann shows off her floral button up dress, perfect for a hot day in Oakland. (Fatima Sugapong)

Summer is coming to an end and many Mills students said they’re eager to show off their favorite fall pieces. The Bay Area breeze brings a wide range of fall accessories, from slipped on cardigans to cozier footwear.

But realistically, it isn’t feasible to finance habitual shopping sprees for the sake of following all of the latest trends. Keeping up with the ever present changes in fashion is difficult, especially as a college student whose work ethnic belittles the importance of staying fashionable. However, difficult is not synonymous with impossible.

For Sophomore Quinn Harris, her favorite accessory is her patterned tights, an easy item that costs less than $20 at Urban Outfitters. She said this layered look encompasses her need to experiment with eclectic prints and bold colors rather than simply matching. And even though the tights are light on her wallet, Quinn said they make her feel fierce. Whenever she’s about to put them on before beginning her day Quinn said she thinks to herself, “Just do Quinn.”

First-year Carter Steinmann finds other ways to stay hip without breaking the bank. Her interest in vintage, which ranges from her wardrobe to her room decor, lets her hunt out the best deals.

“I really like garage sales,” Steinmann said. “I’ll find things that are sold in retail for $40 for like $1.”

Lily Hubka in a bold red dress with a waist-clinching belt to flaunt her figure. (Fatima Sugapong)

But people don’t necessarily have to buy pieces that are already created.

First-year Lily Hubka tailors her fashion interests to the iconic look of the 1940s female, complete with flirty frocks and tights. Hubka said she “doesn’t like immodesty” and sews her own clothing to emulate her “own version of sexy,” creating alluring looks without flashing too much skin.

And then there’s that favorite piece of clothing, accessory or pair of shoes that people love to wear beyond its faded repair. People can become especially attached to their garments as they age, from an old, perfectly worn-in peacoat to a flannel that’s softened with time.

What’s first year Reyna Demos’ favorite item?

“I can’t wait to wear my boots,” Demos said.

Reyna Demos in a white lace piece dress with tan leather wedged sandals. (Fatima Sugapong)