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Interested in technology, but haven’t had the inspiration, time or motivation to consider a project?

Want more hand-on experience with designing, pitching or developing a technology solution?

You are invited to register for the first annual Tech4All HackAThon! Led by the Mills Computer Club and the Mills Interdisciplinary Computer Engineers, this is an interdisciplinary event – we want members of all fields, with different skillsets, to come participate on teams of 4-5.

Don’t have tech experience? NO PROBLEM! The MCC encourages and invites EVERYONE who is interested in participating in the HackAThon to participate. This is the time and place to step forward and collaboratively work together and think up solutions to community issues.

This year’s theme is “Past. Present. Future.” How can we honor, respect and maintain the integrity of our traditions and history while embracing new technology and the often “disruptive” aspect they possess? Our past and future often suffer due to short-sightedness in the present, as seen by global warming and cultural erasure. What can we develop that embraces, rather than displaces, the past and/or future?

Do you have an idea that is “disruptive” but not “destructive,” that addresses an issue you can pitch as “Past. Present. Future.”?

Read more and register now at

Questions? Concerns? Email Rachel Kawula at

The Tech4All HackAThon is April 2 at GSB 101. It begins at 8 a.m., breaks for lunch at 11:30 a.m., presentations begin at 8 p.m., and judges will announce the top three ideas at 9 p.m.

All teams should consider members with roles such as project manager, designer, and developer, but remember: the IDEA and PRESENTATION are the most important parts. A working demo is just icing on the cake, but do include in your presentation the considered method for building your solution.

Volunteers from various organizations will be available for mentorship and advice during the event.