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Holiday Cooking | Step 1: Get excited about food puts up a new photo of mouthwatering food everyday. (Courtesy of FoodPornDaily)

Everyone is doing it, and it isn’t sex. Food porn is taking over the bookmark bar on computers as thousands of people around the world sit in front of LCD screens and salivate over pictures of delicious food.

“Everybody has to eat. And most people love food,” said Amanda Simpson, creator of FoodPornDaily and author of the FoodPornDaily cookbook.

FoodPornDaily features vivid micro-style pictures of food, photographed in immaculate lighting with sharp attention to details tohat tantalize the site’s voyeurs. Photos of fluffy, gooey cinnamon rolls; buttery, cheesy pasta; and succulent, herb-roasted chicken beckon viewers to “click, drool, repeat,” as the website suggests.

“It’s basically putting whatever submissions I get up to my own photos and trying to find the best food porn for the day,” Simpson said about choosing the site’s images. “If I’m drooling, it’s good.”

FoodPornDaily allows people to drool however they want, whether by clicking images in random or sequential order or by browsing the website’s extensive gallery. At least one new photograph gets posted each day, which allows foodies from around the world to partake in a new experience that blends their visual and olfactory senses.

“I consider myself a food pornographer,” Simpson said, “because humans experience the same physical effects from food as they do from sexual pleasure. We salivate, our heart rate rises, we get turned on by food.”

Simpson hopes to spread her passion for food to others through her website.

“If I’m in the kitchen just cooking for the rest of my life, I’ll be happy. Nothing else matters,” Simpson said.

To get your dose of food porn for the day, visit where you can also find out when Simpson is coming to a city near you during her tour for the FoodPornDaily cookbook.

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