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FOOD | Soy Chorizo “Stick it to the Man” Pasta

Originally posted on Megan Brown’s food blog Mookie’s Food Odyssey on Thursday, February 21, 2013.

On Tuesday, 75-year-old Indiana soybean farmer Hugh Bowman brought a lawsuit before the Supreme Court, and lost to agribusiness giant Monsanto. His lawyers asserted that Monstanto’s patent on Round Up Ready soybeans–engineered to survive the ubiquitous weed killer Round Up–had been exhausted, and that long-time customer Bowman hadn’t infringed their patent when he went elsewhere for seed mixes for his late-season crop.

In a nearly unanimous decision, the Supreme Court disagreed with the farmer’s defense team. Mr. Bowman will pay Monsanto more than $84,000 in fines.


Soybeans. (Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)
Soybeans. (Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

It’s as if everyone involved in this case was trying to hold onto something: a fruitful harvest, a patent (90% of U.S. soybeans are Round Up Ready), a lawyerly reputation. Such high stakes make me appreciate my no-cost blog, and of course encourage me to eat something I can share with you.

This week, I cooked with soy chorizo for the first time. I wanted to invite the Indiana soybean farmer to dinner–austere times are on his horizon — but rumors suggest he’s throwing soybeans at the younger union members back home, asking them why an old geezer has to stick it to the man alone!

Soy Chorizo and Green Bean Pasta. (Photo by Megan Brown)
Soy Chorizo and Green Bean Pasta. (Photo by Megan Brown)

Now, it’s your turn. Get yourself to the kitchen. Stick It To The Man Pasta makes enough to serve several of your friends, colleagues and superiors at work. Be careful sharing the recipe with teenagers, though. Indignation is for adults and family chefs, only.

“Stick it to the Man” Soy Chorizo Pasta
16 oz. fresh green beans
10 oz. Soy chorizo
10 oz. penne pasta
18 oz. marinara sauce

-Simple Steps-
Green Beans
Cut in half or into thirds, removing stems
Bring 1/2 inch of water to a boil
Add green beans, a pinch of salt and two peeled garlic cloves
Steam for about 5 minutes
Set aside

Boil the pasta for 10 minutes or per instructions listed on box.

Combine soy chorizo and marinara sauce and cook over medium heat for 5-10 minutes.

Mix everything together, and top it with your favorite cheese. Sour cream curbs the spiciness. It’s like bolognese sauce with a twist.

Okay, that looks great, but in what way are you ‘sticking it to the man’ by making this stuff?

You may not be pulling the wool over any one person’s eyes. But, if you’ve bought soy chorizo from Trader Joe’s, you’ve got half of it left. It lasts for weeks and weeks. What’s more, you’re not bankrupt by keeping leftovers for yourself! You haven’t made the landlord mad! In fact, it’s by legal means only that you secretly hide your plastic bag of soy chorizo like the important discovery that it is. You’re prepared for vegetarians. You’re ready for a power outage in an earthquake. Ritz crackers are for your nemeses. You’ll enjoy pasta instead.

Don’t, I repeat do not try to plant the soy chorizo in your backyard. Who knows where the big seed brother lurks.