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FOOD | Friday Five, the Can’t-Leave-the-Couch Edition

Cross-posted from Kat Gaines’ personal blog The Wine-Y Tomato.

Friday Five, or The Five Things I Would Really Really Like to Have in My Hands Right Now:

1) Olive Oil Gelato

Photo courtesy of food52.

Or, you know, gelato, at all. There are some fantastic gelato spots in the Bay, but I am pretty much confined to the couch now that The Carnivore (my boyfriend) has gone home to L.A. for Easter weekend and I can’t lean on him to get around (our grocery shopping adventure the other day was hilarious enough, who knows what a gelato adventure would look like).

If I had an ice cream machine, I would be crutching my way into the kitchen to make this olive oil gelato, but for now I’ll just have to drool over the recipe.

2) Mango Lemonade

Photo courtesy of One Ordinary Day.

Wow. I was just going to post a picture of Trader Joe’s bottled version, which is very tasty, but then I found an old post I saved from the blog One Ordinary Day for homemade mango lemon goodness.

3) Ginger Ale

Any and all of the above. Reed's ginger ale is deliiiicious.

Okay, I bought some ginger ale yesterday, but I think I need more – like enough to bath in. At least bathing in ginger ale would be more exciting than sitting on a couch. All day. Every day.

4) My own personal Bikram Yoga instructor

Click here for the website.

I’m getting sick of sitting on the couch (can you tell?), and while I can’t quite drag myself to the yoga studio down the street, it’s one of the few forms of exercise for which I might be able to do most of the poses with my splint.

Okay, maybe not quite. But almost.

5) A plane ticket home.

I’ll admit, the fact that most of my close friends are not around, my family is in another state, and my boyfriend is several hours away on Easter weekend is bumming me out a little. I want someone to decorate eggs with, dress up on Sunday morning with, and go to a ridiculous brunch with. For now, I’ll just have to reminisce on the awesome Easter eggs I made last year.

Click here for some gorgeous/silly eggs plus a delicious roasted potato recipe.