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FASHION | Unconventional Reinvention

(All photos taken by Jordan Jones)
(All photos taken by Jordan Jones)

Hello My Darlings,

Last semester, I went to the annual Fetish Ball at Mills. To go with the theme of “What’s Your Fantasy?”, I wore a gold spike-studded bra with a black pair of American Apparel Disco Shorts. As someone who doesn’t like to spend too much money on clothing, I like to make sure that when I do spend money on something, I can wear it more than once — even if it was a black bra covered in gold spikes.

Photo from
Photo from

I was inspired by this photo I saw on Tumblr (above) of a woman wearing a slouchy, oversized sweatshirt, which was pulled down over her shoulder to showcase a spiked bra underneath. I thought it added such a bold detail to a simple, fall-friendly sweater.

So, I tried to essentially emulate this look for everyday wear.


I looked for an affordable oversized sweater at H&M. Unfortunately, none of the sweaters matched the look that I was trying to accomplish. Instead, I found this sheer, cotton black top with black leather sleeves. It was only about $15. It runs rather long yet it still leaves some room for something fun and eclectic underneath. Of course, my favorite color scheme is black and gold. So I paired this top with my gold-studded bra, a pair of green shorts from Charlotte Russe, and gold accessories. I toned down the harshness of the bra with solid color everyday pieces: the black sweater and the green bubble shorts.


I had a lot of fun with the accessories here. I layered two of my favorite gold-chained necklaces. The longer, tasseled one was a gift from my sister and the shorter one with the skeleton charm was from H&M. I added three gold diamond rings handed down to me from my grandmother and a spiky gold ring from Forever 21. To top off the look I wore simple gold hoops and spiked bangles from H&M. Because there were gold spikes all over my chest, I decided to wear most of my accessories on my hands and wrists and lightened up on the necklaces.

My photographer, Jordan Jones, let me borrow his craze-amaze Mishka Clothing beanie. This hat added a strong sense of street wear to my overall look.

Photo from
Photo from

I finished off my look with the “Loose Tooth” Bootie in black and white. I got these from for 50 percent off.

Plndr has amazing deals for students that can take up to 75 percent off of your entire order. You just have to be mindful of which brands you choose and how much your total is. Plus, you can earn $10 store credit for inviting a friend on Facebook! It’s a great website that caters to both men and women. It’s mostly for street styles but since there are so many brands, you can almost always find what you are looking for.


Follow these easy tips and you’ll be able to make the strangest item in your closet completely wearable:

1. Tone it down with a solid color timeless piece, i.e. cardigans, denim, or a blazer.

2. Balance it out with minimal jewelry. I wore thin-chained necklaces instead of bulky necklaces with my studded bra because there were already gold spikes going across my chest, so I allocated most of the accessories to my hands and wrists.

3. Be confident in your eccentricity. Walk tall with your studded bras, or what have you, because there are essentially no real rules in fashion. Have fun with it, love it, and people will not only respect your style, they will adore it!


Here are my style icon recommendations for this week!

Photo from
Photo from

The beautiful Jasmine White, a Los Angeles-based fashion blogger, is rocking her Stoned Foxx “Minnie” ears. They’re handmade headbands with floral detailing on the ears and are currently being sold for $25. They come in many different color schemes and sizes at STONEDFOXX.STORENVY.COM.

White channeled her inner Minnie Mouse and finished the look off with a red crop top from and black and white polka dotted overalls from Notice how she’s not wearing any jewelry. This allows us to focus on her beautiful Minnie ears!

Photo from
Photo from

Jaenelle Vergonio, the head stylist for, is sporting her beautiful chandelier necklace with her “Oh Shit!” DimpieceLA  crop top and bright pink harem pants.

Until next time my darlings! Stay tuned, stay curious, and stay fabulous!

If you’d like to contribute to my fashion blog or pitch any ideas or concerns please don’t hesitate to email me at