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FASHION | T-Style: HB-N-3D Bold and Bangin’

Cross-posted from Tymeesa Rutledge’s fashion blog Tiny Tee’s BIG small World.

Model posing fiercely in her HB earrings with bold colors. (All photos by Tymeesa Rutledge)

A sea of bow ties, bold cheetah prints, fitted cardigans, velvet blazers, suede pumps and Christian Louboutin pumps were worn by hundreds of fashion lovers waiting in line to reach the fashion promise land created by HeadBanger Accessories known as HB–N-3D at The Crucible in West Oakland on November 15th. This isn’t like the usual fashion show, in that the profits are donated to a local non-profit fighting against domestic violence.

Shayla Jamerson and Tasha Dial of HeadBanger Accessories.

Headbanger Accessories, a small business started by three Oakland natives Shayla Jamerson, Tasha Dial and Tiffany Stapleton, who make customized jewelry pieces. This is their second annual fashion show that showcases new pieces for their upcoming collection.

HB–N-3D the theme of the fashion show was good for Oakland’s fashionista – experiences tasteful art, previews winter fashion ideas and appreciates home-grown fashionable creativity.

The event was packed with local entertainers like Netta Brielle, Erk Tha Jerk, R.O.D. and Johnny Fresh. A Bay Area Style File girl was present, a local fashion blogger as well as Bay pop-culture bloggers from 38th Notes. As well as local vintage boutique owner Chenir.

Singer R.O.D. with his cupcake.

Singer R.O.D. said he came to the event to show love to his little and big sisters of HeadBanger Accessories.

Pop group Johnny Fresh.

Berkeley pop-trio Johnny Fresh came to support in part because they created HB’s theme song “Headbanger.”

The show opened with local radio disc jockey from KMEL DC and spoken word artist Prentice Powell of Hot Watered Cornbread. Prentice asked the audience members who were in their 50’s and 60’s to come on stage and do a few dance moves for the fashion lovers in attendance.

The electric violinist

A few people came and the audience began to scream. The DJ began to play hit songs from their decade and the participants began to boogie. One of the men began to thrust his hips, a high kick dance and even the splits. The audience roared with laughter and amazement. Prentice said he chose to do this mini –contest to bridge the intergenerational gap in a creative way.

The creativity continued with an electric violinist who screamed fashionista with her rhinestone -encrusted corset and black closed pumps. The violinist stroked the violin with such intensity and swagger. It was a creative way to begin a show.

The sounds blasting from the speakers on the balcony of the venue began to sing, “Oh na na… What’s my name“ by Rihanna.

The crowd of fashion lovers sipping on alcoholic beverages waited in anticipation for the heavenly HB-N-3D to take them to a place where bold colors, new shapes would drive their imagination wild. When model Hazel strutted down the runway, her eyes were focused and she modeled her earrings well, describing them as “ wearable art, reminiscent of cotton candy and very playful.”

A wonderful woman rockin’ her HB’s.

As wardrobe stylist Majuan Frankin said, “ All the accessories stood out [and gave the] allusion of 3-D. The fashion wasn’t too much or too little. I guess you could say, it was just right.”

Marjuan Franklin, wardrobe stylist and F.I.D.M. Alum.


Long, feathery and bold earrings.
Bright, Bold and in 3D.

The earrings in this collection were big, eye-popping, bold and multi-colored. A few pieces in the collection that debuted were the “ Special Spirals”, “Hipstar” and “Girls Rock”.

HeadBanger Accessories fall collection includes the basics of great accessories for a woman who wants a distinct look. Their products represent many women who want to be vibrant colorful and bold this winter. Their collection inspires fashionists to embrace color, bold prints and think outside the box this winter. Fashionsitas don’t have to stick to nudes, grays, blacks and browns in 2010.

Hot male model.

More photos of the HB-N-3D fashion show on Flickr: