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FASHION | T-Style: Alondra’s Fabulous Baby Shower

Cross-posted from Tymeesa Rutledge’s fashion blog Tiny Tee’s BIG small World.

Recently, I was blessed to be a part of a beautiful carnival-style baby shower. The shower was filled with hot dogs, soda, popcorn, nachos and every candy you can think of. It was a treat if you had a sweet tooth like me.

Below are some photos that I took with a Canon Powershot SD790 IS (Thanks Kirie).

Alondra (right) with her God-mother-to-be, Barbie. (All photos by Tymeesa Rutledge)
Xavier (Daddy-to-be) rockin’ team Jordan.

Alondra wears classic black winter boots, a sweater wrap, denim jeans and a black shirt.

Alondra proved that women can be cute and pregnant.


More photos of the baby shower on Flickr:

These photos represent a special moment in time for everyone who was there. It was filled with hopes, dreams, love, positivity and friendship. It was a true blessing to celebrate the upcoming birthday of a girl who will be embraced with so many people who love her.

I didn’t expect to capture these great ensembles but here they are:

Mills Style

Alejandra (Mills MBA Student), you better work!

I really loved her brown boots and how she paired them with her favorite pair of gap denim. Her blouse and sweater were a great combination because it showed personality while complementing her boot –- not overpowering them.

Nicole (Mills Junior) is a Baby Shower fashionista in that she wore very important key items during this winter season. The key items: Black sweater, bold blue blouse, jeggings and black knee high boots.

Nicole’s ensemble was perfect for a winter day because it had some personality with the bold blue shirt as well as her winter boot. Every fashionista needs a perfect winter boot during this cold and rainy season. Kudos Nicole!

Jannette (Former Mills student) and best friend of the Mommy to Be was definitely a baby shower fashionista. I really liked how Jannette wore a few key items that made her stand out.

The key items: All purpose Black Blazer, denim jeggings and Doll House Ankle booties. Jannette told me about her love for blazers and how she loves them because they can be worn with anything. Agreed!

Ceaundra (Former Mills Student), is a baby shower fashionista that decided to wear All Black Everything.

Cece’s key pieces: True Religion Denim, Michael Kors Boot, Black Sweater, Gucci belt, Rhinestone Head piece and pearl necklace. This ensemble was not to bold and yet not a bore either. This is a winter outfit that has multiple purposes and shows personality — the accessories really made it POP!

All in All, there is never a time for a woman to not be a fashionista. You can shine wherever you go throughout your life journey. Whether your at a baby shower, graduation, funeral, club, holiday party, post office or in a classroom. You never know if someone wants to snap a photo of your ensemble. Look your best!

– And that’s all folks * Bugs Bunny