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FASHION | Sunnies and Prints!

Hello my darlings! I hope you are all moving swiftly through the week, standing tall in your wedges and gliding along the campus grounds in your summer dresses. Today is an especially hot day and the most perfect opportunity to whip out your favorite sunnies and illuminate your favorite colors and prints.

(All photos by Melodie Miu)
(All photos by Melodie Miu)

Lucien Mae, a senior, showcased his floral print button-up t-shirt that he got from Community Thrift in the Mission District in San Francisco. He paired it with black denim shorts and black shoes he got from the same shop.

“These are old people shoes!” Mae said, “They’re like what old people wear when they want to be stylish and comfortable.”

The fabric of the T-shirt flows well and moves with him when he walked, which is a great way to keep cool in these warm conditions.

Wearing flowing, breezy clothing can keep you cool while you rush around campus trying to grab a bite before class or print out your homework at the last minute. Plus, you look fantastic, like Beyonce at the front of the stage. Think of the light wind as a fan blowing and providing you with the most flattering angles possible.


I thought his sunglasses, bought at a thrift store on 19th Street and Valencia, were a nice compliment to his hair that adds to the overall ‘coolness’ of the entire look. There was a certain uniqueness in the simplicity of his style choices.


Julia McCartney, a junior, impressed me with her mix of prints. Everything she wore today were gifts from a friend of hers. I thought that the simple cut of the dress gracefully fell over the curves of her body and really played up the simplicity of dressing down for the spring season. You are, essentially, wearing less, so getting dressed should be more effortless — right?


The eclectic print of the dress was so vibrant in the sunlight it could stand well on its own, even without the tights. I did however, feel that the tights were a nice touch. They are a sheer gray-ish color with a floral design scattered over it. The toned down color of the tights contrasted the vibrant colors of the dress.

There was no need to style her hair, she just let it down from her pony tail and allowed it to flow as naturally as her dress. Her sunglasses, bought from Tillies, both heightened the brightness in her face and protected her from bright sun rays.

Effortless, elegant simplicity is the best way to go when you’re trying to cool down from today’s onset of heat. Think about movement — I do not believe that comfort has to compromise style at all. It only inspires invention and utility in fashion.

Melodie and I will be back next Wednesday at lunchtime in the Adams Plaza and the Tea Shop to look for you fellow fashionistas! I am looking for color and unique personal styles to feature on my blog.

If you have anything to contribute to my blog at any time, never hesitate to contact me at!

Stay fierce my darlings,


Fatima S.