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FASHION | Outfits of the Week: March 20, 2013

It’s a rainy day in Oakland and the Mills campus is littered with polka dotted rain boots and black pea coats. Melodie Miu, our online editor, and I walked around the Adams Plaza and hunted down our favorite looks of the week.

(All photos by Melodie Miu)
(All photos by Melodie Miu)

I stopped Priscilla Reyes, a senior, in the Tea Shop at the cashier line because her gray pea coat stood out to me the most. The leather belt was a nice contrast to the gray rayon of the jacket. She finished the look with black tights and black leather boots to highlight the belt. It was a Christmas gift, so she is unsure of where the jacket is actually from. Since she kept it simple, she allowed her jacket to pop out.

Nice touch, Priscilla!


On our way out, we ran into Monika Alem, a senior. Her chic mix of prints, colors and textures immediately caught my eye. Her black tank is from Forever 21, her blue and green plaid skirt is from American Apparel, her layered silver necklace is from H&M, and her green jacket was a gift from a friend.

“It was my friend’s, but I wore it so much that one day my friend just gave it to me,” Alem said.


Alem surprised us with brass-colored sequined shoes. Definitely a tricky match but she pulled it off very well.

Having to choose between style or comfort used to be a difficult battle for me on those cold mornings when I am getting ready for school. I had to think about what was more important to me: looking cute, but not staying warm and risking catching a cold OR staying warm and not looking very cute. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I realized that I didn’t have to choose after all. Our fellow Millsies, Priscilla and Monika, have shown us how they stand out in this gloomy weather.

Now it’s my turn…


Today’s outfit was inspired by my shoes (Charlotte Russe). I don’t own any nice rain boots or anything that can withstand the rain, so I went with a nice ankle cut boot with a platform heel that will essentially keep my feet off the wet ground. I paired them with simple beige pants from Target, a green faux leather jacket from Forever 21, a long-sleeved white tee with the melting Coco Chanel logo on it and a gold chain necklace (which is reminiscent of Honey B Gold designs) from G Stage, and a Brooklyn Nets beanie that I bought from a vendor at the Oakland Art Murmur.

After Spring Break, I’ll be looking for the hottest new trends on spring fashions so show me what you got Millsies!

You can send me photos of your best and favorite outfits and accessories at