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FASHION | Outfits of the Week: Spring is Here!

It’s back to reality, my darlings. While realizing that you have the horrific responsibility of actually having to get out of bed every morning, getting ready for class doesn’t have to be such a drag. Spring Break may be over, but the spring season is just beginning. I was excited to see all of the floral prints and eccentric colors come out to play today. After all, what better way to show off your favorite shades of pink and green than on this Oakland utopia we call Mills?

(All photos by Melodie Miu)
(All photos by Melodie Miu)

Mari Hill, senior, shows off her black floral print dress she bought at Goodwill. The best thing about finding things at a thrift store is that they are not only affordable, but truly one of a kind. She paired the dress with shoes she also found at Goodwill. Her tights can be found at Target.


My favorite part of her outfit was the way that she accessorized it. She added a scrunchie — compliments of her roommate — in her hair that matched the print of her dress. If you’ll notice on the top photo, the scrunchie not only held up her hair, but highlighted its volume and allowed her blond hair to shine through every shade. It looked absolutely beautiful in the sunlight! Her jewelry is something that she has been wearing everyday for years. I thought that it was a perfect fit for the outfit because it was an eccentric and purely “Mari” way of adding to the overall look.


Caitlin McNaughton, senior, put on this floral print dress she purchased at Macy’s. It is a simple cut that can be worn with or even without tights. Because of the print and cut, it can also be paired with virtually any pair of shoes. McNaughton pairs her dress with black sneaks she got from H&M. There is such a wide range of things you can do with this dress, like add a fedora, have your hair in a bun, paired with tan ankle cut boots or go crazy with gold jewelry (my favorite!).


I caught Savannah Smith, from the class of 2012, in these floral print pants and bamboo slippers. The pairing, to me, was very intriguing and I couldn’t help but notice the unique cut and fit of the pants. I had seen pants in this print as skinny jeans all over trendy stores, but never in this cut. I thought the tailoring highlights the curves in her figure. She wore a black long-sleeved tee with it to balance out the eccentricity of the pants with simplicity. She got the pants from a consignment shop in Portland, Oregan and her shirt from Rugby, a clothing line from Ralph Lauren.


Savannah added a pair of bamboo slippers from Metro in State College, Pennsylvania and a bracelet from Therapy. While also maintaining the simplistic balance in the overall look, I thought it also brought about a unique aspect that went beyond what the pants had to offer.

Remember, my darlings, Melodie and I will be going around the Adams Plaza and the Tea Shop next Wednesday around noon to scope out our favorite looks of the week!

Spring is here! So don’t be afraid to put down your bulky jackets and leave those sheepskin boots in your closet. It’s time to move on to brighter colors and let loose in your favorite summer dress.

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