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Hello Darlings,

DSC_0296I’m Fatima, your new fashion columnist. My love affair with fashion has always been the most passionate. Fashion, to me, is the loudest way to be bold. You may have spotted me around campus teeter-tottering in my black wedges or brown, strappy sandals. I love high heels, especially since I’m no taller than 5’0″. As of recently, the inspiration behind my wardrobe has been influenced by none other than the fashion culture that exists in Oakland.

For as long as I have lived here, which has only been for a couple of years, I have been drawn to the urban fashions that Oakland natives unabashedly stroll around in. It is a culture that is unique to Oakland simply because I have never seen anything like it. The proud mix of eclectic prints and prominent textures make each person’s style unique—although, I will admit that unique is an understatement.

I couldn’t help but notice that there is a lack of fashion representation on campus and I am dying to change that. I want to shine a spotlight on all you educated fashionistas and help out all you busy bodies who can’t seem to find the time to switch things up.

I cannot wait to share with you my fashion favorites and my stylistic pet peeves. Everything from the hottest fashion blogs to simple college fashion how-to’s.

But—I can’t do it alone. There is a whole world of fashion out there and honestly, I only know so much. I want to know more. As we can all tell, fashion is ever-changing. Show what you got, Millsies. You know you want to.

I will accept submissions from all realms of styles. I want to know all of the dirty secrets of your closet. Show me how you see your runway. I want your photos of your hottest outfits, links to your famous blogs, and any ideas or suggestions you may have for me.

Stay fabulous my darlings,


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