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Dodge Ball!


The Rules:
1. Ball must be thrown below the shoulders (No headshots).

2. When a player catches the ball, the person who threw it is out and the catching team gets one player back in the game. You can only return into a game in the order that you went out.

3. If player tries to catch the ball and it drops, that player is out.

4. If ball bounces before it hits a player, it does not count. Then, the opposing team may pick up ball and continue game.

5. If a player is hit from behind, this will count as a hit and that player is out.

6. Ball must be thrown or given to another player within 10 seconds of possession. If held longer than 10 seconds, possession is forfeited and given to opposing team.

7. No contact other than with hands can be made (for example, you may not kick the ball). This results in a “dead ball” which will be given to the other team.

8. All players must stay in bounds at all times.

9. Players must take off or tape down all jewelry.

10. Sportsmanship needs to be followed at all times; this includes not using obscene language or gestures.

11. No time outs, no substitutions.

12. Games will last 20 minutes or until one team is eliminated. Winner is the team with the most players remaining.

13. Overtime game will last two minutes. Winner is the team with the most players remaining.