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Dancers celebrate

The Mills Repertory Dance Company is celebrating its 20 anniversary with choreographed performances by visiting professors, faculty and Mills students. This is a performance with comedy and beauty and one you shouldn’t miss.

This year’s performances will present dances by Paul Taylor, Mary Cochran, Kim Epifano, Kathleen McClintock, Anne Westwick and Lesley Braithwaite. The event will take place Nov. 14-16 at 8 p.m. in the Haas Pavilion.

Dancer Brandy Shelton said, “Every piece is different.” Shelton will be performing in McClintock’s piece that she calls, “wickedly dream-like.”

Dancer Jezebel Lee will be performing in Kim Epifano’s piece, Lee said, “the piece feels like a non-linear narrative… The method she used was individualized. Its was the first performance that I have done in the four years I have been here that I don’t have to take out my piercing, cover tattoos, or shave my armpits or legs.”

Dancer Rachael Dichter will be performing in Paul Taylor’s piece. Dichter said the piece is, “classical modern dance, it is very beautiful and has an underlining satirical edge.”