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Countdown to the 77th Annual Academy Awards

77th Annual Academy Awards

From the desk of the Arts Editor…

Being a native L.A. girl, the Oscars used to be a big deal. I will admit, until I came to Miills, I dressed up in my evening gown and went to an Oscars party every year. The truth? I really did it because I never turn down an opportunity to get dressed up and drink expensive champagne (on someone else’s dime) and every once in a while, a movie that I actually felt should win…won! My favorites this year? I can’t really say, I only saw the animated films listed below in the Other Notable Nominations section. Take a break from school work and watch the Oscars on Sunday, February 27th!

Other Notable Nominations

Animated Feature Film of the Year

The Incredibles

Shark Tale

Shrek 2


Animated Short Film

Birthday Boy

Gopher Broke

Guard Dog




Achievement in Directing

The Aviator

Million Dollar Baby



Vera Drake


Documentary Feature

Born Into Brothels

The Story of the Weeping Camel

Super Size Me

Tupac: Resurrection

Documentary Short Subject

Autism is a World

The Children of Leningradsky


Mighty Times: The Children’s March

Sister Rose’s Passion


Foreign Language Film

As It Is In Heaven

The Chorus


The Sea Inside


Twist of Faith