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Posts published in “Health”

Mind medicine: Brewing awareness

The question in mind for many Millsies today is: how do we cope? Despite a merger, midterms and a pandemic, we continue to reach for…

Engaging in safe sex amidst hookup culture

Hookup culture isn’t anything new, but its definition and impact evolve with each new generation. And like each generation before, young people have to find…

What is the CHRC and how you can get involved

The Community Health and Resource Center, or the CHRC, is the place for all Mills students to get resources and information easily and at no…

HEALTH | Body Positivity: In Honor of NEDA Week

Mills Body Positivity Group founder Kendall Anderson writes a blog in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, or NEDA, and lists ways on what you can do about disordered eating.