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Bounce back from the semester with shows for spring

Spring Break is coming up fast and for those of us just looking for a rest from classes and an excuse to stay in pajamas for a week, it’s a great time for TV show marathons.

Netflix Picks:

For some old school classics check out the unparalleled “Twilight Zone” (1959) and the darkly humorous “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” (1955).

Revisit “Malcolm in the Middle” (2000) to remember childhood with Frankie Muñiz and get a second look at a spectacularly underrated sitcom.

“Occupied” (2015) is a scandalously real political thriller about sustainable energy and the hard choices to make it happen…or to make sure that it won’t. Starring an intimate set of people in Norway, the audience watches as a Russian occupation rolls into place and how it affects their lives. When the European Union supports the occupation and the U.S. won’t get involved, the prime minister acts to prevent bloodshed…but is it enough?

The cult classics “Firefly” (2002) and “Twin Peaks” (1990) will always have a place in the heart of science fiction, and are available to you through Netflix instant.

Get into the Netflix originals “Jessica Jones” (2015) and “Daredevil “(2013) for an intriguing albeit realistic look into Marvel’s post-alien attack New York. Secret identities or not, these shows have plot twists and action scenes to rival any movie. Season two of “Daredevil” hit lists on March 18, so now is the time to catch up!

If you’re looking for drama, head on over to Hulu to catch up on the most recent episodes of “Recovery Road” (2015) or relive embarrassing high school memories you never had with all five seasons of “Awkward” (2011).