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BLOG | The Campanil Graduates, Class of 2010

Jennifer Courtney

Editor in Chief
Public policy major, economics minor
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When I came to Mills College as a first-year in the fall of 2006, I knew I wanted to be on the newspaper’s editorial staff. I loved journalism and wanted to positively impact news coverage on campus, but I could not envision just how important a role The Campanil would come to play in my life and how far we as an institution would come. I am immensely proud of the work my staff has accomplished in these last few years; we have not let our small size or lack of resources get in our way. It has been a labor of love for all of us — experimenting with new technologies, missing class when it got in the way of reporting and pulling more than one all-nighter to make sure the latest edition made it to the printer on time. Journalism takes dedication, creativity and plain hard work if it’s to be done right, and that hard work has paid off and made us stronger journalists.

As I step down from my position as editor-in-chief, which I’ve held since January 2009, I am confident The Campanil will continue to innovate, push boundaries and produce new crops of graduates who possess the skills to succeed not only in journalism, but in any field they wish to pursue.

Morgan Ross

News Editor
International relations major, journalism minor
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Joining The Campanil was probably one of the best choices I made during my college career. Not only did I get to work and make friends with an incredibly talented news team, but I was able to discover how much I love journalism! My favorite experiences and memories working on the newspaper were the great support and friendships with Campanil staff I developed, in knowing that we were all in this together. Being on this team is something I will miss the most as I plan to continue pursuing news journalism in the future. Now that I have graduated, I hope to achieve my dream of working as a foreign correspondent for either a broadcast network or a newspaper. I have a long way to go, but I am sure if I continue writing and staying motivated then that dream will one day come true.

To those who will join staff in the future, make the most out of your time by taking risks: write stories for several sections, get out into the local Oakland community, practice multimedia on every story you pursue and don’t be afraid to interview people you might otherwise never talk to. Most importantly, enjoy what you do at The Campanil. No matter what your contribution, whether it be big or small, your hard work is very much appreciated and will show in the final product.

Anna Belle Peterson

Features Editor
History major, journalism minor
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I hope to continue with journalism, preferably magazine journalism – but we will see what happens! Journalists, especially now, have to be open to trying new and different things. My advice to future reporters would be to make yourself versatile and learn as much as you can! College is the time to try everything out! I will never forget the joy and the agony of productions at The Campanil – especially that time around 2 a.m. when we all get so giggly! I will always be proud of everything that the staff accomplished and I have loved the time that I spent on The Campanil at Mills!

Maxamaris “Max” Hoppe

Assistant Online Editor
English literature major, history minor
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My joining The Campanil was a total fluke–I followed my hall-mate to Rothwell 157 my first week at Mills, just looking for something to take up some time and keep me from being so homesick. 64 production nights later, I know I got so much more than that. New editors, here’s my advice: don’t do it for your resume, class credit or the free food. Do it for the experience! I learned, and so will you, just how much you’ll do for something even though you’re not getting (enough) credit or money or food. Because something else makes it WORTH it. Maybe it’s the knowledge that you can tell the stories the administration doesn’t want told. Or that you can make something really beautiful, even if it takes till 4 in the morning.

Most of all, do it for the people. I stopped feeling lonely fast and that’s because your fellow editors are going to feel like family, who drive you crazy and you’ll write a deadline story for anyway. I met my current roommate on staff. I met my best friend and lots of other friends besides.I’m working as an admin assistant and what I really want to do is write young adult novels. I might never dive into professional journalism, but I’ll always know I can. Really, my time at The Campanil taught me that I can walk into a room with no idea what I’m doing and find a second home there.

So can you.

Kim Harris

News Editor (Graduated in Fall 2009)
English literature major, journalism minor
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Working as a writer and editor for the Campanil was an amazing learning experience, a draining, nail-biting, late-nighting blur of notes, google docs, caffeinated beverages, and wonderful people. For women who love words: write. Journalism is an outlet (perhaps even a cover) for creative individuals to work with words and tell stories that matter. Take pride.

Carrol Page

Sports and Health Editor
English literature major, journalism and psychology minors
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Lisa Bergquist

Design Editor
History major, journalism and economics minors