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Posts published by “Maxamaris Hoppe”

Max is the former Assistant Online Editor for The Campanil. She graduated with an English major and history minor in May 2010. Interact with her on twitter @maxamaris.

Looking to the future: what the board envisions

Two of the most powerful positions at Mills are the President and the Board of Trustees. Read about what the Board is looking for in President Holmgren's replacement.

New cooking blog begins with delicious Indian food recipe

Tired of Founders? Don’t know what to do with your kitchen? Sick of microwave dinners? Is the dollar menu making your stomach turn? Don’t be intimidated by unprocessed food! You can cook anything you want to and we’re making an Indian feast.

Bookstore adopts point system

Bookstore Dollars are the new equivalent of dining points for products at the bookstore.

Live blogging: Mills community meeting

A discussion with President Holmgren, the college officers, and ASMC representatives about key issues at Mills College.

A Golden staple within the Mills community

Over her past 40 years at Mills College, Kennedy Golden has held many jobs, but she's always made herself available to help the students who study here. Years ago, when she was working in the theater department, a student came to see her at Lisser Hall with
a problem.

De Young shows retrospective of Yves Saint Laurent

You've probably heard of Yves Saint Laurent. The brand YSL and its recognizable slanty font is a staple of high-end ready-to-wear clothing, makeup and fragrance. The exhibition at San Francisco's de Young Museum isn't about the brand, however-it's about the man behind the name.

Tips for staying healthy in the new year

Every new year, people around the world resolve to get healthy! However, by Jan. 21, most of us have given up on that goal. We at The Campanil would like to give you a few suggestions that will facilitate a happier, healthier spring semester - and you can do them all on campus.