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Back into the world

Melissa Neal

Major: Studio art with an emphasis in photography

Neal showed her final project in this year senior art exhibit All Apart. Her interactive piece utilized video, projection and computers. Neal was interested in developing an interactive piece after she witnessed the Yoko Ono exhibit this year at the SFMOMA. In Neal’s piece she was interested in examining literal and conceptual forms of deconstructing. She does this with slide images of puzzle pieces, zippers and knitting being pulled apart. She added that she was commenting on the compartmentalization of the body.

Mills experience: Neal feels she had an overall good experience at Mills. “Faculty was open to helping me and letting me do what I wanted to do,” said Neal. But Neal also was disappointed about course choices and materials available for artists.

Plans: Neal is currently working on a video adaptation of Bobbie Ann Mason’s short story “Residents and Transients.” Neal will continue to live and work in Oakland.

Thank you: Neal wants to thank Katrina Reichert and Lauren O’Connell. Neal said, “I have known them since my first semester at Mills and in addition to being good friends, they have always been supportive of my work.”