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Posts published by “Megan Brown”

Megan Brown is a Food Blogger for The Campanil. She is currently an MFA student and is interested in literature, poetry, food and film. "Mookie" is among her childhood nicknames. Check out her personal food blog Mookie's Food Odyssey. Follow her on Twitter @MeganDBrown.

Food Blogger Megan Brown says goodbye

Food Blogger Megan Brown says goodbye to the word community at the Mills College English Dept. and hello to many more experiences.

FOOD | The Importance of Soup

Food Blogger Megan Brown shares a yummy split pea soup recipe and the historical, literary, and personal connections associated with the dish.

FOOD | Don’t Be a Breakfast Fascist

As much as Megan Brown would like to stick to a rigid meal plan, like eating a hearty breakfast every morning, there's only so much she can endure.

FOOD | Let Go and Let Goat Cheese Salad

Some people summon their faith during hard times whereas Megan Brown is summoned by her childlike sense of humor. Check out her inspired recipe for a 'Let Go and Let Goat Cheese Salad.'