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Posts published by “Janice Rabe”

Janice Rabe is a former columnist for The Campanil in Fall 2013. Rabe received a degree in an English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing major and a double minor in history and journalism.

FOOD | Fist of Flour Doughjo

The pizza spot, Fist of Flour Doughjo in the Laurel District of Oakland, creates skillfully prepared pies made with simple, organic ingredients.

FOOD | Brown Sugar Kitchen

Columnist Janice Rabe reviews the mouthwatering soul food at the popular Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland.

Okay, Okay Cupid

Columnist Janice Rabe talks about her voyage through the unpredictable waters of OKCupid.

FOOD | Mac n’ Cheese for everyone

Homeroom is a restaurant for kids and for the young at heart — what they serve is mac ‘n cheese. There are many varieties for all tastes, and none of them come from a box.

An Adventure of Food: Scottish Style

Food Columnist Janice Rabe shares her foodie experience at the 148th Scottish Highland Gathering in Pleasanton, California.