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Posts published by “Trinidad Araujo”

Locals brew fermented tea

Kombucha is a fermented tea made out of bacteria and yeast and a trendy alternative to soda and other carbonated drinks for the health-minded individual.…

Inspiring others through rowing

When Kate Smith, Class of 2012, joined Mills’ Rowing team in the Fall of 2008, she had no idea that a hobby would lead her…

When “architecture could change the world”

Human beings tend to move from one home to the next, taking little notice of the architecture that to them seems just a structure to house all of their possessions. In the latest exhibit at the Mills College Art Museum, Painting the Glass House: Artists Revisit Modern Architecture, we are asked to see beyond the construction of a living space to the more complex concept behind it-the possibility of creating a utopia through modernized living spaces.

Galleries galore

What does French graffiti look like? Well, these and other questions can be answered by the plethora of museums and galleries in the Bay Area.

Many of these opportunities are accessible on a student budget, and the range of styles offered is enough to satiate any appetite, from classic and contemporary to the genre bending and absurd.

Senior expands from paint to film

Senior Larianne Thurman's childhood was devoid of predictable art school obsessions. Raised in the small town of Willows, CA, she turned instead to her immediate surroundings, nature, for creative influence. Incorporating natural ideas and materials into her works has helped Thurman break free of that old painter's dilemma, the flat rectangle.