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Posts published by “Sophie Leininger, senior”

Upcoming clothing swap alternative to global capitalistic system, smart move for environment

When striving for sustainability, it is essential to keep in mind the six R's: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, (Buy) Recycled, Rot (a.k.a. composting), and Restoration. But considering the alarming rise in rates of consumption and waste, as well as the rising cost of new goods, what may be on your mind is how to reduce your personal spending while still accessing the goods you need.

Eco-fabulous: green is the new black

It seems that these days sustainability is as fashionable as 80s sunglasses coming back into style. That is to say, annoyingly chic. Now that claiming sustainable intentions is a marketable quality, nearly everyone is touting environmental consciousness to get ahead, or just plain look better to everybody else.