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Posts published by “Sena Woodson”

Crew measures progress in first race

The Mills Crew team returned from their first race of the season against Chapman University on March 1 without a win, but with a taste of what the season will bring.

Three boats competed against Chapman, another NCAA Division III school, in separate races.

Time is of the essence for athletes

Adding a sport to an already busy schedule would seem to increase the workload for Cyclones; however, with an average student-athlete GPA of 3.28, athletes seem to be doing just fine.

"The athletes on my team feel they perform better in academics when the swimming season starts.

Republican candidates battle for conservative vote

Republicans have had a hard time winning hearts and minds this election because of wide disapproval, even within their ranks, of George W. Bush's presidency.

After most states held their primary elections, delegate votes were distributed among four different Republican candidates, including John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul.

Capoeira introduced to Mills College this semester

Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art, was the newest addition to Mills' physical education course selection this fall 2007.

The art of capoeira, originally created during the 17th century by enslaved Africans in Brazil, is a modernly practiced martial art dance, sport and culture around the world that uses various acrobatic techniques.


Although the semester is coming to a close for most Mills students, it is ending in a more profound way for graduating senior Erin Lucas. The semester's completion will mark not only the end of her time at Mills College, but the end of her fruitful career on the Mills Swimming Team.

Shh…STONE’s a secret

The new poetry club, Story Telling of Natural Expression, is a growing group at Mills that is trying to promote diverse forms of artistic expression.

Although STONE meetings are not kept secret, meeting locations are. This seems to make STONE a curious attraction.