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Posts published by “Sarah Gonzalez”

Mills e-mails archived in case of disaster

E-mail is the official form of communication within the Mills community, and because of this, the College conducts daily backups and keeps copies of all e-mail sent through the Mills e-mail system, according to Bruce McCreary, senior director of Information Technology Services.

WLI cancelled

Due to budgetary cuts, the Women's Leadership Institute has been cancelled, effective 2009, and it is likely that Director Daphne Muse will also leave the College.

After the Institute for Civic Leadership was abruptly cancelled in April 2008, and then quickly reinstated for the remainder of the school year, its sister program WLI will now become a part of the curriculum, according to an e-mail sent by Muse to WLI applicants.

Vendors bring flavor to street cultura

It may be less well known than the Mission in San Francisco, but Oakland's Fruitvale district is a vivid, energetic and developing Latino community. Here, immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America, Chicanos and descendants of Latino immigrants, run a multitude of small businesses that often spill into the street.


Taking advantage of star-studded efforts to promote environmental consciousness, retailers have learned to make green from green. Under the new marketing strategy, dubbed "greenwashing," retailers are churning out affordable green- themed apparel, mostly targeting young girls.

Editor’s Pick: Breaking Bad

A terrifically dark dramedy, the new AMC series Breaking Bad is gory and bold in its content. Viewers who tuned in for all seven episodes of the first season were treated to scenes of bodies being corroded in muriatic acid-filled bathtubs and the explosive properties of fulminated mercury, or "a little tweak of chemistry" as science teacher and main character Walt White put it.

21: Barely legal and beating the house

With an MIT degree in mechanical engineering and a real-life Ocean's Eleven experience that allowed him to boast card counting skills, Jeffrey Ma made his success as a businessman and his name in popular media.

Hillary Faces Tough Criticism

It is no surprise that Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would face a close race. The declared first woman and black candidates have received more attention for being non-traditional nominees than any presidential candidate in recent years, and voters seem to be torn between the two.