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This semester, we at The Campanil have been working to improve the look, appeal and content of our newspaper. We have been trying our best to solicit feedback and contributions from our readers so that we can become even more of an integral part of the Mills community.


As Mills College pushes for higher enrollment and expands its graduate programs-the college has welcomed a popular program in Business Administration, and this year in Public Policy-we look forward to a vibrant future for the school. However, with the prospect of a larger student population, we wonder what will be done to preserve the many things that make this institution special.

Students should be informed of meal plan changes

Simply put, Bon Appetit Management Company has failed to deliver.

Touted for the ability to provide services Mills College cannot provide itself given its small size, there has been no significant increase in quality-only in price. In addition, students were informed of the switch after they had already signed up for this year's meal plans and they chose their individual plans based on what they thought the rules were going to be this year.


The Weekly says goodbye for the year!

Joanna Iwata speaks on Hawk Medicine

Hawks soar high above the earth, giving them a perspective previously only available to the inhabitants of the heavens above.

Hungry for a $10 swipe

The Issue: Students are paying $10 for a $4 snack swipe in the Tea Shop and Suzie's


In the past few weeks, our campus has been abuzz with controversy and all sorts of excitement. From accounts of Public Safety harassment to silent protests and venomous letters, there are a lot of matters weighing heavily on the minds of Mills students. Largely, that's just the point.