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Oakland Police catch suspect on Mills campus, student body not notified

Oakland police were on campus the night of Friday, Feb. 16 in pursuit of one or more carjacking suspects who leapt the fence near Seminary Avenue, according to Director of Public Safety Michael Lopez. The incident was included in a Public Safety weekly activity log, but the administration did not release details.

Mullova enchants

The entire Mills Concert Hall holds its breath when Viktoria Mullova turns a page. No one coughs or clears a throat. It's a travesty when someone sneezes. (That was me. I'm sorry. I have allergies.) The first thing you notice about Mullova are her arms. They're bare and well-toned, the arms of a swimmer or a dancer.

tech girl

Is your computer on the fritz again? Can't figure out what's wrong and don't have a tech-savvy friend to help you? These days, taking a computer to a service can cost more than buying a new computer, and a lot of the time you can fix these problems without much cost to yourself.

Public Safety responds to concerns over Mills security

Last December, a graduate student was raped after responding to a job advertisement on Craigslist, when the suspect appeared at her on-campus residence. The incident has sparked discussion amongst students, staff and faculty on campus safety, and a campus forum will be held on the issue Feb. 7.

A guide to giving while building your wish list

Courtesy of No Sweat Apparel Maybe you’re sick of the corporate commercialism on every corner, or maybe you just want to give your friends something…

Packing the Goods: A Guide to Gender Play

Halie Johnson Packing – creating a crotch bulge where the anatomy may be lacking – has come a long way since the days we used…

Girlyman in S.F.

Courtesy of The New York-based trio, made up of Ty Greenstein, Doris Muramatsu and Nate Borofsky, scheduled their very first rehearsal for Sept. 11,…