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Posts published by “Michael Beller”

Michael Beller is the well-dressed Head of Reference & Access Services Librarian at the F.W. Olin Library at Mills College.

Michael Beller’s Corner: Luck

Reference Librarian Michael Beller recalls his childhood obsession with good luck charms and what library databases can teach us about superstitions.

Michael Beller’s Corner: Growing Up

Everybody's favorite Head of Reference & Access Services Librarian Michael Beller gushes about his adoration for Mister Rogers and what the Mills Library collection can tell you about his childhood hero.

Michael Beller’s Corner: Polka Dots

What is a polka dot? Michael Beller, the beloved Head of Reference & Access Services Librarian, can tell you its definition, historical context and more — all from the collection at the Mills Library.

Honorary senior congratulates his graduating “classmates”

Wait! Wait! You can't possibly imagine that I don't hear your whispers! And don't think that I don't see you longingly eyeing your suitcases. You're leaving. Soon, you're going to be packing up all of your things and leaving. But why? We were having so much fun! Sure, you had all of those classes that you had to attend, but that was cool, wasn't it?

I mean, those classes had you coming up with research questions and those research questions had you coming into the library! Now that. that was cool! Every day we got to see you here, perusing the books, flipping through journals, and scrutinizing our databases.