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Posts published by “Lokemele Davis”

Mills to set up new ATM on campus

Mills College will install a new Bank of the West ATM on Dec. 13 in the Rothwell Center hallway, just outside The Campanil's Office.

Associate Vice President of Campus Facilities and Building Maintenance Karen Maggio said the College previously took measures to soften the effect of not having an ATM on campus.

Sticky-fingered students take advantage of Mills

Considering high room and board costs, students try to maximize their use of Mills' resources. This has not only meant taking advantage of the usual goods and services the College provides, but also reverting to what some might consider to be stealing and dishonest borrowing.

Student swears by acupuncture as health remedy

When junior Caitlin Wicks broke her collarbone in Europe this past summer, she followed the mainstream Western course of medicine to heal. When she returned home to California, however, she decided to use a treatment she had trusted since she was 15: acupuncture.

Soccer team plays sans homophobia

The Mills College soccer team fought tooth-and-nail in their long-awaited showdown against Menlo College on the Saturday before last. The game was the first between the two schools since last year's match in which a Menlo soccer player directed homophobic, racial and sexist remarks towards Mills athletes.

Beverage Bonanza

In Martin Scorsese's film, The Departed, Leonardo DiCaprio's character orders a glass of cranberry juice from a bar. A fellow patron looks at him with a quizzical eye and asks, "What, are you on your period or something?" This question is a reference to the belief that cranberry juice helps alleviate menstrual cramping.

A night of Public aggressions

Photo by Lokemele Davis Fetish Ball, arguably the most popular student event held at Mills College, has had its share of controversy. This year, the…