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Posts published by “Linnea Linde”

Student reviews mixed on how vegetarian and vegan dishes stack up

The concepts of vegetarianism and even veganism are well known at Mills. Each day our dining halls give students the option of a vegetarian and/or vegan ent‚e for lunch and dinner, and the Tea Shop and Caf‚ Suzie's each have many veggie-friendly choices for the campus community.

Passover Seder at Mills teaches new traditions; success for the JSU

This year's Mills Passover Seder, complete with all the traditional items - full Seder Plate, Elijah's Cup, Family Haggadah, four cups of wine and even some new traditions - was a successful event full of friendly faces and eager minds.

Student “will always keep making art”

The first thing you notice when you look at Dena Watkins is her bright pink hair. The second is her smile. Watkins is a student who stands out at Mills College. Her calm, laid-back demeanor mixed with a fervor for life's small adventures makes her unique. Watkins is striking in appearance, with a strong sense of personal style and creativity, and she carries herself in a manner that lets anyone around her know her ambitions are larger than life.

Mills students win tennis championship

The Mills College tennis team earned two championship wins at the USTA Fall Classic on the weekend of Sept. 29, 2006. The Mills College USTA…