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Posts published by “Ishmael Elias”

Male grad student wonders, “Are Mills men crashing the party?”

I received an e-mail from an incoming graduate student who asked various Mills-related questions-one of which dealt with the type of reception he should expect as a man attending a women's college.

I replied that my overall experience so far is positive, but there are times when men are looked upon as party crashers.

East Oakland sends mixed messages

Some students have turned to such illegal means as prostitution or drug-running to raise quick cash for college tuition, and for Firstborn Walker-the academically-talented protagonist of Straight Outta East Oakland-selling drugs is the chosen path.

In order to receive an 80 percent scholarship offered by a mysterious alumni organization to attend the prestigious Alston University-a fictitious college seemingly based on UC Berkeley-Firstborn must provide the remaining 20 percent by the end of the summer.

On being a Mills man

I usually get attention because of the combination of my copper-toned skin and curly red hair. Since becoming a graduate student at Mills, I've added having XY chromosomes to that list.

Not noticing the "College for Women, Coed Graduate Programs" heading on the Mills homepage while searching last year for schools in California, I immediately clicked on the "Graduate Programs" link, which prominently featured a photo of a smiling dude between two women.