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Posts published by “Daniella Pineda”

“Closet swap:” clothes traded in Student Union to encourage re-use

In these rough economic times, the word "free" is heard less frequently than ever. That's why Mills women rushed to the Student Union last Wednesday, for the first annual Suzie's Closet Swap. The event was sponsored by the Office of Student Activities, the Sustainability Center, Earth C.

Latina heritage month celebrated in the Bay Area

At Mills, Latina heritage month is relatively new, but over the years, the College and other institutions have expanded their activities and dedications to celebrate this annual history month.

"It had not become an institutionalized event until 2002," said ethnic studies professor Deborah Santana.

Letters from Abroad

Daniella Pineda, covered in vegemite, reporting to you from Melbourne, Australia.

Already I have inhabited this wonderful country for two months, and let me just say it has had its up and downs. But aside from getting adjusted to a new environment, I have undergone such a massive learning experience, and it is in my opinion that everyone, if granted the opportunity, should go abroad.

Masses eat up flying spaghetti

A satirical Web site that has fans worshiping a squid-like meatball creature is attracting thousands of visitors a day who appreciate its humorous jabs at the religious Right.

The growing movement of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a so-called religion that refers to itself as being legitimate.