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Posts published by “Cecilia Aguilera”

Abrupt cancellation of WLI dismays students

I have already had the opportunity to share my opinions regarding the administration's decision to cut the Women's Leadership Institute, and would now like to highlight a project conducted jointly between the ICL and WLI, so that both the administration and the student body might understand the very personal and profound effects WLI has had on my career as a Mills student.

Mills community needs strengthening

It is time we addressed the utter lack of community on the Mills campus, which becomes painfully obvious on the weekends. I am heavily involved in several clubs and organizations, including the ASMC. I figured that I didn't have much of an excuse to complain about campus issues if I wasn't going to be involved in changing them.

Is Sarah Palin a dream come true or a nightmare for the vice presidency?

Six months ago, I sat in my hometown, forced to listen to the ramblings of the local radio station: "Who will you vote for in the Primaries?"

There were predictable calls of homage to McCain, a superstar in conservative Tuolumne County, CA; I even caught a few maverick cheers for Obama.

Tuition increase straining undergraduates

I'm sure that I am not the first nor the last to flood your desk with letters complaining about the recent tuition increase, but nonetheless feel compelled to speak out about something so heavy on the minds of so many.

We all know the semantics of the raise, so I'll avoid the figures and go straight to the heart of the issue: WE CAN'T PAY MUCH MORE! Mills spouts all sorts of self-praise in its efforts to recruit women of all backgrounds and to make education more affordable, but these increases without financial aid increases prove counterproductive to this cause.

Obama the answer to political tension

I would first like to commend The Campanil on an eloquent, well-stated opinion piece in its Feb. 11 edition. You really captured many of the sentiments floating around this campus.

As president of the Mills Students for Barack Obama, I would also like to extend a special thank you for acknowledging our role on the Mills campus.