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Art museum curator delivers photography lecture

In conjunction with an exhibition, Rebecca Morse delivered a lecture on Nov. 1, highlighting both her experiences as a curator and the art of Florian Maier-Aichen, now showing at the Mills Art Museum.

The main focus for the lecture was the works of Maier-Aichen, which merges photography and other artistic mediums.

“I’m a photographer myself, so I enjoyed the good history of photography and the perspective of old photography vs. new mediums,” graduate student Steve Bardonnet said.

Working on Meier-Aichen’s exhibits, Morse curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles was given the opportunity to present Maier-Aichen’s work, intentions and beliefs.

“I thought the lecture was good because it was interesting to hear a curator’s perspective,” graduate student Jennie Ottinger said.
Through various slides of his work, Morse presented a wide variation of photography with each slide.

“I was immediately struck by them, visually and conceptually, and wanted to investigate them further,” Morse said.

Morse discussed Maier-Aichen’s influences, ranging from Hollywood themes to sea landscapes and tourism. While explaining those influences, Morse unveiled several works of photography-merged art that featured a range from industrial to monotonous landscapes.

“Florian [Maier-Aichen] enjoyed hiking to the tops of these places themselves to take his pictures,” Morse said.

While Morse is neither an artist nor art professor, she still portrayed works of art with her knowledge and expertise in a fashion the audience seemed to grasp.

“It’s interesting to hear someone who’s not an artist talk,” graduate student Justine Bianco said.

Particulate Matter, the exhibit displaying Florian Meier-Aichen’s work, will be showing at the Mills Art Museum until Dec. 10. for further details.