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Another cliche ‘Disney’ movie

Family films have a good place in the world. Little kids and adults alike can enjoy them, making it clean happy fun for everyone! However, at the ripe old age of 21, I have to say it. I don’t like them. Why? Because I’m not used to dealing with 4 year olds, rather I deal with 40 year olds.

The Rookie is a family film (Disney, Rated G, that’s all that needs to be said) that takes a look at the true story of a science teacher who becomes a professional baseball player. Could be good, might not be good… I wasn’t quite sure at first.

However, now I am sure. It was not good. Unless, of course, you have a young kid with you, then it could be fun. Or if you love baseball.

The entire film is almost like a trilogy that someone desperately and haphazardly tried to put into 109 minutes of viewing pleasure. First you see some Nuns, then a little boy, then a coach, and finally a pitcher. Oh yes, and I also forgot to mention a family man.

Family is the key word here. Rachel Griffiths (Muriel’s Wedding and Six Feet Under) play’s Jim Morris’ wife. Unfortunately, you don’t get to see enough of her… and personally, I think that should be a felony.

To give the film it’s due, however, I will mention some good aspects. The acting was incredible and fully believable, which is amazing in a Disney movie. The story that the film portrayed was also amazing to me. Not many people would make a movie about an “old guy” who pitched in the major league for two seasons. Why? Because in baseball, no one would have really noticed him. Then again, he does pitch 98 mph fastballs.

I remember watching the Atlanta Braves in the World Series about 10 years ago. It was bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, bases loaded… and they send a new guy out onto the plate. A guy no one has ever heard of. And what does he do? He hits a homerun. After that you never see him again.

That’s what The Rookie is like, reliving a moment, very brief, that few people remember. The act of trying to preserve that moment is commendable, yet the final outcome didn’t live up to what it should have. Next time, guys, make a movie about Bobby Bonilla… Whatever happened to him?