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A world without Steve Jobs will be a strange one

Dear Mills Community,

There was never a moment in my life when Apple did not exist; I was born and raised on the Macintosh.  I have never known a world without Steve Jobs.

While I wasn’t around to see the first Apple computer, I have seen how Jobs has shaped the world throughout my life.

My first computer was a Macintosh. I was six or seven and didn’t have Internet access, but I played Math Munchers as though my life depended on it.

Later on in life, my elementary school benefited from Apple’s collaborations with educational institutions, which supplied schools with the original iMacs for a fraction of the price. Jobs understood how important youth were to the development of technology, and so I and countless other students my age learned to operate computers via the Mac.

And I have seen how Jobs has shaped the world of journalism. Not only has Apple made computers available to the individual, but it has also made media available at the click of a button — something that has drastically altered how breaking news gets reported.

The Campanil’s office is a Mac-only venue — Apple provides the highest quality programs for both our print and online features — and the fact that I don’t own an iPhone is blasphemous to most of  my colleagues.

It is inconceivable to me how such a monumental and grand figure in our society can just cease to exist. Just like the world had no chance of remaining stagnant while he lived, his death marks a change in history greater than we can imagine.

Lauren-Marie Sliter
Editor in Chief