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Posts published in “Memorial”

Anna Valentina Murch: Never Forgotten

On March 26, the Mills art community lost one of its most revered members when professor Anna Valentina Murch died of cancer.

Reflect on Steve Jobs

What was your reaction to the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs? Leave your thoughts and feelings in the comments section.

Kind words and memories of Tumi

"Tumi, You were such an amazing woman. I will miss your smile, and especially your laugh. Your laughter could make the world spin 'round all on its own." Ruth Allanbrook (Oberlin) "Tumi I miss you. You had a wonderful laugh and outlook on life." Karl Rothstein (Berkeley) "I am absolutely devastated to hear this.

Kind words and memories of Tumi

Tumi, We've lost a Mills sister And the world has lost a shining light A bright, strong, woman leader You were so young It was so senseless So much suffering At the hands of someone you once loved And the pain ripples out to us- Your family, friends, peers, Those who knew you well And those who never had the privilege of meeting you yet It was not your time. Peace be with you on your journey now And peace for us As we try and reconcile your loss May it not be in vain Let us stop this violence against women Once and for all Let us be your advocates, Now that your voice has been silenced Let us cry out at the injus tice Let us weep Let us shake this institution of misogyny Let us say- no more Tumi, Let you live on in us- In our work, In our strength, In our memory Let us hold each other more gently Let us meet and part in kind- ness Let us love fiercely and without hesitation For we are all you And you are us- A living legacy And an uncertain future Let us not live life passive- ly Let us not wait until tomor- row Let us not take our time with each other for granted Let us not forget Let us celebrate life as you did Let us laugh and dance in the streets Peace, Sister Peace.