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Kind words and memories of Tumi

You were such an amazing woman. I will miss your smile, and especially your laugh. Your laughter could make the world spin ’round all on its own.”
Ruth Allanbrook (Oberlin)

“Tumi I miss you. You had a wonderful laugh and outlook on life.”
Karl Rothstein (Berkeley)

“I am absolutely devastated to hear this. Tumi was one of my closest friends in primary school, here in South Africa. She was an incredibly gentle and beautiful person who I am blessed to have known. G-d bless her spirit and may she receive justice for what was done to her. This is a devastation. I will post all our old school pictures.”
Aviva-Liora Moses

“Words cannot express the grief that I feel at this moment. To Lebo and to the Moja and McCallum families, I am praying for you in this time of difficulty. I had the honour of meeting Tumi in 2005 and I will always remember her as someone with a positive attitude and a wonderful personality. Her time on earth touched many hearts. She was true to her name and brought happiness to all. May her soul rest in peace.
Lebo, stay strong. I can without a doubt say that all the Hodgson matrics are all supporting you.”
Siyabulela Xuza

“I remember Tumi from one of my first days of high school in my advisory class. I think everyone who met her knew right off the bat that she was a sweet and sincere person. It was a surreal experiance to learn about the things that happened. I just wanted to send my respects to Tumi and all those who were closer to her then I. And also to say we have to put an end to the violence and jealousy that is becoming so persistent in our culture. We have to do it collectively, we cannot let something like this happen again and its up to each of us to prevent it”
Peter Lentz
(CUNY Manhattan)

“On behalf of the Black Women’s Collective at Mills College, we would like to offer our condolences and deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Tumi McCallum. Tumi was a beautiful sistah whose gentle spirit lit up Mills College. As a woman of color committed to social change, her contributions to the community are an inspiration to many members of the BWC.”
Members of BWC
I miss your… smile, conversation, company, elegance.
We sat under a tree and had lunch one day and at that moment I felt like you were my long lost sistah who understood every… comment, issue, problem, scenario in the world!
You’ll be in my thoughts for ever and every time I sit under that tree I will look up at you… an angel in the sky!”

Love ya Tumi,
Jamila Williams
MBA class of 2008

Kind words and memories of Tumi


We’ve lost a Mills sister
And the world has lost a
shining light
A bright, strong, woman
You were so young
It was so senseless
So much suffering
At the hands of someone
you once loved
And the pain ripples out to
Your family, friends, peers,
Those who knew you well
And those who never had
the privilege of meeting
you yet
It was not your time.

Peace be with you on your
journey now
And peace for us
As we try and reconcile
your loss
May it not be in vain
Let us stop this violence
against women
Once and for all
Let us be your advocates,
Now that your voice has
been silenced
Let us cry out at the injus
Let us weep
Let us shake this institution
of misogyny
Let us say- no more

Let you live on in us-
In our work,
In our strength,
In our memory
Let us hold each other more
Let us meet and part in kind-
Let us love fiercely and
without hesitation

For we are all you
And you are us-
A living legacy
And an uncertain future
Let us not live life passive-
Let us not wait until tomor-
Let us not take our time
with each other for granted
Let us not forget
Let us celebrate life as you
Let us laugh and dance in
the streets

Peace, Sister