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Editor’s Pick

Put on your slickest shades and prepare yourself for a hipster-heavy 42 minutes: The Teenagers, of myspace and music blog fame, have finally pieced together their debut album, “Reality Check.”

With the effervescent and brutal wit of the 21st century 20-something, the shaggy haired trio will surely be making waves as their music crosses the pond from England and France.

Filled with lackadaisical, richly thumping beats and spoken word lyrics, The Teenagers prepare listeners for a sloppy fun night out on the town, rarely venturing outside the party in their poppy debut.

But don’t let their hipper-than-thou couture music fool you: anyone can have fun listening to The Teenagers, as long as you don’t mind feeling a bit like you’ve just had your third Jager shot when you pop their disc in your stereo.

Check them out at theteenagers.