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The Extraordinary Effects of Wearing a Properly Sized Bra

Time magazine stated in a 2006 article that anywhere from 70 to 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Like the majority of the women who read this statistic, I didn’t think I was part of that 70 to 85 percent.

Yes, with statistics like that, odds are that you yourself (of all people!) are wearing the wrong size bra. How wrong you could be I will now tell you through my personal experience.

An illustration of a modern bra. (Courtesy of Wiki Commons)

I was recently in a Frederick’s of Hollywood with one of my friends (there were incredibly valid reasons for this, I assure you). While my friend was in the dressing room, I was playing with measuring tape—attempting to measure myself. Upon seeing the ordeal I was going through, one helpful employee offered to measure me properly.

I cannot convey the full extent of my shock and surprise at that size that she told me. Never would I have imagined it. It was a size that in my mind had always been reserved for those in the adult film industry. It appears I had been wearing the wrong bra size my whole life.

I visited the mall the next day, intent on buying an accurately sized bra for myself. I gathered a cluster of brassieres in the size I had been recommended yesterday and, aided by a salesperson, gathered them all into the fitting room. I assumed everything was going perfectly.

However, when I let the salesperson in she immediately informed me I was still wearing the wrong bra size and would probably need to go a size up. Incredulous as I was at this further increase, it turns out she was entirely right. Aided by the savior of my bosom, the prodigious saleslady, I purchased some properly sized bras.

Not only was my bra size wrong, my conception of what a properly fitted bra looks and feels like was wrong as well. For years I had assumed that a good bra is one which makes me look as large as possible in the chest region. This is not the case. A properly fitted bra supports instead of squishes, and is fairly tight around the waistband.

The difference, my friends, is incredible. Upon wearing the right size bra I felt so much better in so many inconceivable ways. Instead of assaulting me, the wire now supported me. What was once my undergarment enemy had indeed become my ally. I felt so much more at ease and comfortable with myself. I felt free to savor life. It was and is incredible and empowering emotion. All awkward feelings I had concerning my bust dissipated.

Also, my case is not a singular one. After my experience I encouraged my friend to get herself formally measured as well. She went up an entire cup! She and I were both a part of the majority of women wearing the wrong bra size.

No longer, friends! No longer are our busts subjugated by our ignorance of their true size.

Liberate and support yourself!