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Question of the Week | December 2, 2010

Will you be a part of the shopping stampede on Black Friday?

“No. I try to avoid going outside that day.”
— Carson Whitley
Second-year graduate student

“I’ll probably be asleep or eating Thanksgiving leftovers.
Screw that.”
— Melanie Weston

“No, we prefer to live.”
— Kiaonno Bradley and Elena Ruiz

“No. I think Black Friday is offensive. There are racial
implications in calling the day when everything is
cheapest ‘Black.’ Also, the Emeryville shopping center,
which is where most people from around here will
probably go, is built on Native remains — the shell-
mound burial site.”
— Kehontas Rowe

“I would be a straggler. Or getting trampled on.”
— Desirae Tongco