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Question of the Week | November 2, 2010

If you were to dress as one of this year’s candidates for political office on Halloween, who would you be and what would you wear?

“Rebecca Kaplan, because she’s my future wife.
I’d wear an ill-fitting men’s shirt and a vest,
pompadour my hair, and just be really

— Rachel Gregg

“I’d be Queen Meg. I’d have a scepter,
crown, dress, and big blonde wig.”

—Amelia Lopez

“Jerry Brown. My costume would be
very manly and I’d be holding a billboard
about education.”

— Lilly Sahagun,
First year grad student

“Meg Whitman. I’d be a giant pair
of scissors, ready to eliminate all social
spending that is anathema to the Republican
party—cause we’re down to our last 100
million, you know.”

— Terrilynn Cantlon