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President Holmgren: Through the Decades

Holmgren at the 1996 Convocation with Marian Wright Edelman. (Courtesy of The Crest)

“I am now convinced that this is the beginning of a very long love affair with Mills College.”
– Janet Holmgren, March 4, 1991

“I’ve liked her (Holmgren) better each time I’ve met her.”
– Warren Hellman, March 1991

Janet Holmgren (center) with students, March 1993.

“Undergraduate coeducation is not an issue for Mills. It is off the table. I speak for myself as president and I speak for the board.”
– Janet Holmgren, Sept. 1993

Dancing in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia in 2008. (Courtesy of The Crest)
Sept. 30, 2005, Natural Sciences Building at the Ground Breaking Ceremony. (Courtesy of The Crest)

“I’ve seen that in the last 10 years that building the endowment, building the student body, building the buildings — it’s all an investment in empowering Mills as an institution.”
– Janet Holmgren, April 2010

Summer 2010. (Courtesy of The Quarterly)

Fall 2006. (Courtesy of The Crest)

“People say presidency is like being mayor of a small town…Your responsibility is to take care of the whole body politic, not just yourself or your own aspirations”
– Janet Holmgren, April 2010

April 10, 2008 at the Breaking the Glass Ceiling Building event in Lokey Graduate Business School. (Courtesy of The Crest)

Mills College Presidents: From Past to Present

Mary Atkins Lynch, 1854-1865.
Susan Mills 1865-1884, 1890-1909.
Cyrus Mills, 1865-1884.
Luella Clay Carson, 1909-1914.
Aurelia H. Reinhardt, 1916-1943.
Lynn T. White Jr., 1943-1958.
C. Easton Rothwell, 1959-1967.
Robert T. Wert, 1967-1976.
Barbara M. White, 1976-1980.
Mary S. Meltz, 1981-1990.
Virginia Smith, 1990-1991.
Janet Holmgren, 1991-2011.

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