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PHOTOS | Anime Expo 2011

The incoming crowd at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles. (Melodie Miu)
Some of the free goodies they handed out to all the visitors, such as an Anime Expo T-shirt and the pack of Magic cards at the lower right corner. (Melodie Miu)
One of the best cosplayers, or costume wearers, there: Princess Peach from the Mario franchise! (Melodie Miu)

Apologies for not posting these photos earlier! Due to a ton of technical difficulties, I was unable to upload them on time as promised.

But now that it’s been resolved, please enjoy the rest of the photo slideshow of the 2011 Anime Expo below! This year was the 20th Anniversary so there was a huge showcase of events and panels, such as the Miku Hatsune concert, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC).

If you’re interested in going next year, the online registration for the 2012 convention is now open.