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Letter to the Editor

The 2003-2004 academic year at Mills has given us much to
celebrate… the opening of the Solidarity and Community Lounges,
the creation of Mills White Allied Women (WAW), the International
Student Club and Fair, Muslim Students Association, Sisterfire, the
first South Asian, Middle Eastern, Asian Pacific Islander Awareness
Now! month, and addresses by world-renowned scholars, activists,
and leaders including Dolores Huerta, Elaine Brown, and Linda
Evans. There has been a heightened awareness around issues of
ability, religious, racial, gender, sexual orientation,
international, and class difference. However, the discussions of
diversity at Mills, beginning with the campus-wide conversation
between women and men at Mills and ending with recent email
discussions regarding a photo on the Music department’s website,
have also resulted in misunderstandings, misconceptions, and at
times, offensive behavior.

Mills College is a community, and communities have expectations
of their members including: respectful and honest communication,
supportive and inclusive behavior, safety, self-examination and
reflection, conflict, and a commitment to “hang in” despite
differences. Mills is a community where people find and use their
voices, and all voices are heard. The opportunity to use our voices
must be cherished and guided by respect, empathy, and
open-mindedness. Additionally, the Mills community is an
educational environment and a crucial piece to learning is
listening. Through listening, we can learn more about each other
and ourselves at the same time, which are requisite skills for
leaders in an increasingly global society.

Mills is a leader, a community with many paths (our diversity)
and one destination… one Mills.


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