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Letter to the Editor: Where’s the Mills Cafe at?

Dear Mills Community,

I wanted to reach out to you in response to several concerns regarding the “Possibility of opening a new Café on Campus.”

Where’s the Mills Café at?

• We are still very much in the exploratory stage and no final decisions have yet been made on the Cafe, let alone any timeline for opening.

• The Café will not open unless projections indicate that it will be self-sustaining.

• We are still open to receiving suggestions about what the Mills Community would like to see in the Café. We are not, however, seeking a new name.

• Although the possibility of having pop-ups during the semester exists, no plans have been developed. Coffee, not wine, will be the focus of the pilot events.

• We will keep posting information about the Mills Café. As soon as a decision on whether the Café is a go or a no go, we will inform the whole Mills Community.

• We are delighted about the excitement and look forward to the vibrant community that the Cafe will hopefully bring.

—Phuong Tseng and Carolina Levy