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Letter To The Editor: Convocation

Convocation is an academic tradition in colleges and universities world wide, which has been observed for centuries.  It is the ceremony at the beginning of the academic year where all members of the academic community come together to usher in the new academic year.  It the official marking of the beginning of the academic year. It is also an opportunity to welcome the new students to the campus and is a time to celebrate and honor the academic achievements of students and faculty and to award an honorary doctorate to a distinguished guest.

At Mills, each class wears their class colors. The Class of 2011 is blue, the Class of 2012 is purple, the Class of 2013 is red, and the Class of 2014 is green. The outgoing class shares their color with the incoming class, so the tradition continues every year.

This year, Mills is observing the twentieth anniversary of the College’s recommitment to women’s education and is recognizing the Strike of 1990, where Mills students overturned the Board decision to consider co-education at the undergraduate level.

Dolores Huerta is a ground breaking national leader who co-founded the United Farm Workers and has worked tirelessly in the ongoing fight for social justice, human rights, and women’s rights.  We could think of no better person to address our campus community in this 20th anniversary year of our recommitment to women’s education.

Camila Chavez, the daughter of Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez, is a Mills alumna, having graduated in 1998. She will be introducing her mother during the convocation ceremonies.

With the ringing in of the academic year, the serious tone of academic inquiry is set, and the excitement of convocation sets the tone for a sense of community among the Mills campus and begins the students’ connectedness to Mills tradition and the various constituencies of our community.

— Renee Jadushlever
Vice President for Operations